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Voip Phone Systems Vaughan

VoIP phone systems in Vaughan Those in who work in the fields of communication and Internet technology are keenly aware of VoIP, what it is and why it’s important. Most other people though have never heard the term even though they likely use VoIP from time to time. VoIP stand for Voice over Internet Protocol and it’s what enables a person to make phone calls over the Internet, in many cases for “free” (although nothing is truly free since you’ll need to pay for Internet access).

Why You Should Care About VoIP Phone Systems in Vaughan


While there isn’t enough space here to get into the technical ways VoIP is different from traditional phone technology we can list some of the benefits that come with VoIP:


  • The ability to conduct video conferencing, remote training and video sales calls
  • The introduction of easy scalability to your phone system which makes it essentially future proof.
  • The ability to have multiple devices ring simultaneously eliminating missed calls.
  • Drastically reduced telephone bills company-wide.
  • A single network for both data and voice helps streamline office management.
  • Global access to your system from anywhere on earth you can find a broadband connection.

    Free VoIP phone systems in Vaughan will require both parties to be at their computers in order to conduct phone calls. While a more robust VoIP system from A Plus Software will allow you to use your cell phone, tablet or traditional phone in addition to your PC to conduct calls.


What You Need

In order to establish a VoIP network you’ll need the following:

  • A local area network that can support VoIP - If you and your staff rely heavily on the web you may want to set up a separate LAN for VoIP only.
  • A broadband connection - Companies sometimes encounter bandwidth problems when using VoIP. A Plus will analyse your system to ensure it’s capable before installing a VoIP system.
  • A backup plan - Many companies keep a Publicly Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) as a backup in case their VoIP network goes out for any reason.
  • A provider - A Plus will not only sell and install the hardware components required for your VoIP system but also find you the ideal service provider given the specs of your VoIP system.
  • The right calling plan - If your company is small and the need limited you may be able to get by with a free VoIP system. A larger company however will need a calling plan and you’ll have 2 to choose from: per minute or monthly.

As we’ve mentioned the cost of VoIP phone systems in Vaughan can range from free to, well, not free. Exactly how much you wind up paying for your VoIP system will depend on the considerations outlined above and of course your budget. The great thing about VoIP however is its versatility and scalability so it’s never an “all or nothing” proposition. You can tailor the system we build for you to dovetail nicely with the financial realities of your business and still enjoy many or all of the benefits.