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Cloud Solution Provider Vaughan

Cloud Solution Provider in Vaughan The Cloud Solution Provider Program was instituted by Microsoft to enable partners to use in-product tools to more effectively manage, update and support customer subscriptions. A Plus is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner and as such are ideally positioned to help you manage all aspects of your essential software. Typically we offer this service as part of a bundle that may include managed IT services and more. Although we also offer our Cloud Solutions as a stand-alone service.

A Plus Software: Your Cloud Solution Provider in Vaughan

A Plus became a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Partner by meeting the rigorous business and technical requirements of the program. Today we proudly offer this important service to our customers as a way to help them ensure they’re getting the most from their premium software products as well as to simplify and optimize workflow and improve productivity.

Benefits of Working with a Cloud Solution Provider

By migrating business functions to the cloud you’ll free up precious resources and position your company to take advantage of the growing number of cloud based services designed to help you improve all aspect of company performance. When you make A Plus Software your Cloud Solution Provider you benefit from easier access to important products, tools and services while at the same time reducing your most important software points of contact to that of a single, trusted vendor.

When you choose A Plus Software to be your Microsoft Cloud Service Provider you gain immediate access to the best features of the tech giant’s groundbreaking Azure Cloud. At the same time you get personalized service from Vaughan’s leading IT solutions company, which means in essence you get the best of both worlds. A Cloud Service Provider in Vaughan will:

  • Provide a single contact point for all your most important cloud-based software solutions whether within the Public or Private Cloud.
  • Reduce costs and eliminate redundant services by way of various Cloud based solutions while folding all charges into a single invoice.
  • Effectively leverage the user-centric design of Azure to increase productivity and drastically reduce learning curves, thereby saving you time and money.
  • Enable you to retain control over aspects of your productivity cycle you wish to retain control over while handing off control of remaining administrative tasks to a highly qualified 3rd party.
  • Provide premium support levels 24/7/365.

    A Partner You Can Trust

    Choosing A Plus Software to be your Microsoft Cloud Service Provider will result in a more powerful, efficient and effective workflow, reduced costs and a single point of contact that eliminates communication breakdowns, inefficiency and delays. A Plus will help you determine if your enterprise is best served by the Public Cloud, Private Cloud or a hybrid of the two. If you’d like to learn more about the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program and how it can unlock latent productivity within your business contact A Plus Software. We’re the most trusted Cloud Solution Provider in Vaughan and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and detail how the CSP program can benefit you.